On-Site Interpretation

On-Site Interpretation

During an in-person meeting or medical appointment, when important information needs to overcome a language barrier, being prepared with an onsite interpreter will help. Working with an interpreter can prevent miscommunications from occurring. It can also make your meetings more productive and improve trust.

Our certified onsite interpreters are available to work around your schedule and they approach every visit with professionalism. As a language interpretation company, we understand how important accuracy is. In addition to working with interpreters that have been certified in the state of California we also put them through our own proprietary screening process to ensure they are knowledgeable, ethical and prepared to enable communication during your next meeting.

We specialize in onsite interpretation services for

  • Client Meetings
  • Industry Conferences
  • Medical Exams and Medical Interpreting
  • Nurse Visits
  • Statements
  • Depositions

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