About Us

iLingo2.com is a nationwide language and transportation service provider established to help businesses better manage the challenges of mitigating risk by making communication possible for limited English proficient (LEP) workers.

iLingo2.com also helps businesses provide equal access to information for culturally diverse communities. The need for language and transportation services in the United States is consistently increasing as more businesses employ and work with limited English speaking individuals. From a business’s standpoint, proactively addressing your company’s language service needs will save you money over time.


Our cultural background allows us to better understand the unique challenges involved with limited English speaking workers. By knowing the immigrant culture and perspective, we can provide superior communication resulting in better service and cost control associated with exponential use of language services.


  • Cultural background
  • Experienced staff
  • Simple rate schedule
  • Streamlined communication between adjuster, claimant and interpreter
  • Personalized care with robust technology


To provide effortless language and transportation solutions to the workers’ compensation and multi-line insurance markets by ensuring every customer receives quality, reliable, and innovative services.

Meet the Founder

Meet the Founder

iLingo2.com is minority owned business that was founded by Robert F. Contreras following his career as an executive for 3iCorp.com, a regional leader in the language and transport services. Robert has over 27 years of experience in workers’ compensation and the multi-line insurance industry. Prior to getting into the language services and transport industry, he worked as a senior vice president for a national investigative company.

Robert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and Behavioral Science from California State University Northridge and National University. He is also a licensed private investigator in the state of California.

Robert’s vision for iLingo2.com is to become the leading provider of language and transportation services by bringing a contemporary perspective to the workers’ compensation, property & casualty, healthcare, and general business markets through a quality network of certified providers.