Oct 5, 2018

Triage Transportation Partnership Launch

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Over the past two years, iLingo2.com has been using the platform of Lyft, Inc.—a ride-hailing service with over 600,000 vehicles—to provide non-emergency transportation to select clients, giving feedback, and developing protocols on how to improve the user experience for non-account holders.


Today, iLingo2.com will launch Triage Transportation. This innovative solution will help clients save significantly in medical fees due to missed appointments, as well as reduce prolonged TTD payments and open claims, all geared toward cutting down on total claims cost while improving patient care.


iLingo2.com’s technology investment and integration will now allow iLingo2.com to have a dashboard with a complete view of client route information, such as patient pickup and drop-off locations, routes taken, and duration and distance of trips.


Triage Transportation will feature a significant upgrade in customer service to patients, who will no longer need user accounts to view driver and vehicle location and request a return trip to their original pick-up location.


In addition, iLingo2.com will integrate its proprietary call center technology to always be in contact with patients, in any language, to further increase patient satisfaction and transparency with clients.


Stay tuned for more details about the project and partnership.


To learn more about our Triage Transportation solution in the meantime, please contact:


Robert F Contreras
President and CEO, iLingo2.com