Document Translation

Document Translation

Document translation services are a critical part of keeping you, your employees and your customers “on the same page.” From an internal standpoint, document translation services can be used to create internal communication pieces for limited English speaking team members. Your company will run much smoother when your entire team has access to an employee handbook that clearly states your policies and procedures in a language they feel comfortable with.

If you are faced with a worker’s compensation case or any other type of medical situation, provides document translation services for both legal and medical documents.

From an external standpoint, providing customers with materials that they can understand will help improve your business. It will create a level trust with your limited English speaking customers and separate you from other businesses that have not addressed their document translation needs.

Here are several types of communication pieces can provide document translation services for:

  • Customer Communications including emails
  • Written Response
  • Business Contracts
  • Benefits Letters
  • Accident Reports
  • Employee Handbooks
  • All Legal and Medical Documents

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